Yong Fang Group was found by the Chairman, Mr. S. Wang, in 1964. The President, Ms. Y.L. Wang, who was graduated from Oklahoma City University (OCU), has based on a comprehensive management and a profound operating concept to have the reputable Chang Fang Customs Broker Co., Ltd. formed.
The Chronicles
The founder, Mr. S. Wang, had Chang Fang Customs Broker Co., Ltd. incorporated in Keelung.
President, Mr. C.H. Jian, had Taipei Office established.
Computerized process was first introduced. Grand Pacific Computer was contracted to have the first customs clearance software developed. The online service with customers has been promoted forcefully in recent years. It was the first set of software introduced in customs brokerage.
Updated computer software and with customs data of IKEA transmitted online.
Ms. Y.L. Wang who was with a MBA background was appointed as the President of the group to bring in modern management concept for the on going concern of the organization.
Completed internal computer network system and was selected by the Ministry of Finance for the EDI test. Customer Service Department was setup to help improve service quality.
Was rated an outstanding customs broker by the Customs Office of the Ministry of Finance for years and was awarded with the honor of the "Year of the Customs Broker of the R.O.C." in the year.
Chang Fang Customs Broker Co., Ltd. was rated as the "Class I Outstanding Customs Broker" by the Ministry of Finance consecutively and was entitled to the privilege of 25%~50% low inspection ratio for an express clearance.

The online process with Taiwan Textile Federation completed in the year allowed the textile license to be processed in 15 minutes.

Yong Fang Consolidation Co., Ltd. was incorporated with an operating concept of "promptness, precision, stability" built to provide customers with marine, inland, and air freight and delivery service. Chang Fang Customs Brokers Co., Ltd. was then in for a diversified operation.
Taipei Office, Keelung Office, Taichung Office, and Kaohsiung Office were established and with 51 agents worldwide to help with the operation and to provide customers with the services of marine/air freight, import/export clearance, and courier service.
Taipei and Keelung Office of Chang Fang Customs Broker Co., Ltd. were ISO9002 certified. 

Li-Fang International Company was incorporated and with Shenzhen Office setup. Service stations are setup at the port of Shenzhen, Canton, Amoy, Fukien, Chukiang Basin, Ningpo, Shanghai, Tsingtao, Tientsin, and Dairen.

Hong Kong Branch Office and Shanghai Branch Office were setup.
Shanghai Hub was setup.
Joined Logistics Project D of the government and was awarded with the e-invoice and e-billing financial aid by the government.
Celebrated the 40th anniversary of the organization and with e-invoice and e-billing introduced successfully.
Developed storage management system and was awarded with the 2005 e-logistics by the government.
Keelung customs evaluation, the company for several years, the Ministry of Finance for the first class merit customs broker. Enjoy 25% ~ 50% to reduce testing ratio of fast track promotions.
Chairman Wang Yi-Lan won the 16th president of the Lions Club of Guohong
The company celebrated its 45th anniversary. Ministry of Finance the Keelung off evaluation for the first class merit customs broker.
Chang feng Taipei, Keelung, Taichung, sub-Division, Kaohsiung through the ISO 9001 international quality certification
Reinforce Internet planning and operation, plan virtual operation model, and apply the professional integrated logistic service to assist customers with their computer process control.
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